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Juliet Johnson
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An NYU grad, she grew up traipsing around the back lot of Universal Studios with her brothers while her dad made television shows. Working on movies and T.V. made her think that dreams were possible, and that you could get paid a lot of money for standing around in your shorts. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Barry (met on a horror film), kids Nathan, Emma, Lilly, and (sometimes) big brother Bruce, and, once upon a time, Gramma Moose who moved back to Maryland but was replaced by Papa Lee, all 98 years of him. Juliet Johnson’s plays have been produced at Mobtown Players, SoHo Repertory, The Samuel French One-Act Play Festival, and Coffeehouse Theater, among others. Her non-fiction has been published in Los Angeles Family, Mamazine, MOMbo and The Imperfect Parent, as well as in two anthologies.
Julie would like you to meet her family
Here is a video that lets you meet the featured characters in the book. This is a slideshow style format video of Juliet’s family members.  Please allow time for these files to download if you have a slow connection. Thank you.
Julie lives in Southern California with the family you see throughout this website.  She writes constantly, but these days she mothers constantly as well.  Her children Nathan (now 15), Emma (13) and Lilly (8) are in three different schools: high, middle and elementary.   Life is interesting. She'd love to hear from you about your life and thoughts.  You can open the conversation by clicking the CONTACT button at the bottom right of this page.  And please do wander around this site ... click in to her blog pages for more of her ramblings.  Make yourself at home.  
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