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They are always hungry... which is the good part, and the bad part
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" ... an insanely humorous and entertaining book." Prescott Carlson, Editor, The Imperfect Parent May, 2008 and also, from Julie’s editor: "It is rare to read a book that sneaks up on you so much. SOMEBODY'S ALWAYS HUNGRY is so funny so much of the time that the moment that tears fill your eyes comes as a complete surprise. It's all like memory gone crazy. You don't have to be a mother to be touched by these children. You'll remember if you are a grandmother or a father or an aunt or a brother or even if you're an only child of only parents with no children of your own. You'll remember. "Juliet Johnson is not a perfect parent...she never claims to be. She makes it okay to not do it right all the time. She makes it okay to be normal. She leads with her heart (sometimes counter to her brain) and her kids soar as a result. They learn to trust their own hearts - which appears to be, when the book is finished and you have time to think about their wonderful souls, the definition of good parenting. "Her book feeds the spirit."
SOMEBODY'S ALWAYS HUNGRY is a collection of essays about life raising kids from birth to age five years old. Not the orderly, glossy parenting magazine view, but the bumpy-road perspective: how life slams from sixty m.p.h. to zero in those five to six pushes during labor, and becomes the ride of your life for the next five years (and counting) bringing up those babies. Join the ride as two tiny people slowly dismantle one mom's illusions (and accomplishments) with tiny imperceptible fingers, building her an entirely new life she didn’t know she needed, usually made out of Cool Whip. But it’s okay. Because her heart also goes from one-person-sized to big enough to save a nation. HUNGRY helps you relax into the crazy rhythm of daily motherhood. The stories comfort moms new and old in the midst of the recurrent joys and tragic everydayness. As you disappear into the motherhood abyss, HUNGRY throws you down a rope. The stories remind you that you are not alone. In your limitless capacity for love and in your struggle down the hotdog-littered path into chaos, you have company. You will be able to return to yourself. Being a mom unstitches you and restitches you as a much wider person inside. And you’re never done. Somebody’s always hungry.
"Poignant and hilarious essays...I laughed so hard I cried ...."  Jennifer on GoodReads, March 3, 2009, 5 of 5 stars See more:
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